Gnomes on the Roam

Sam's trip:


December 31st

Hi Kevin,

It was so nice to have Sam join us at the Lachlan Pitcairn estate in Bryn Athyn last Sunday. This year was the 21st annual Christmas brunch that I hold each year for my Godsons - your Dad, George, Carmen and Walt. Your sister, Angela, drew a great photo of Sam and some of the others. Sam was excited to meet the famous “Vampire Mermaid”, Debbie D. Same ate a little too many crepes and goodies, so he had a slight tummy ache and turned a nice shade of green for awhile.

Sam’s next adventure will be to visit some of the historical sights in Bryn Athyn over the next couple of days. Then he will move on to visit the Wilson’s. I will keep you posted.


Aunt Anne

January 2nd, 2009

From Jim Stidham ...aka: Uncle Jim
Kevin, Sam did not want to get up at 5am. He said he wanted to see the city and I warned him not to stay up too late. Well after dragging him down town, he got moving but just complained about the cold. It was only 19 with a wind chill of 5 up on the 25th floor.......what a whiner! He would not keep his hard hat on, and acted all tough until he got near the edge of the floors and said he " would not look down! "
This is the #10 Rittenhouse tower under construction at 18th and Samson in Philadelphia Pa. The pictures are looking north east at the Liberty towers, with the new Comcast Tower behind the Mellon Bank Tower. We are half way done the project, it's a 36 floor "Big money" condo for rich folks. He said that he likes regular folks like us!
The crew enjoyed his company in the coffee break room. He likes card games and helped out a few guys with some of his luck! Sam was happy to go home and did not like a full work day as a day trip.
I hope he brings us luck, or just a small pot of gold! Hope you have fun on your trip.

Uncle Jim

Dear Kevin,
Sam and I had a long conversation while I was raking leaves at Mr. Pitcairn's home. He even helped a little with the raking, but since I didn't have any small rakes, it was a little difficult. He filled me in on all his activities since his "roaming" adventures have begun. He is a very interesting little guy and I enjoyed meeting him. He told me his good luck will stick to me, so I'm looking forward to a good year. He isn't sure where he goes next, since his plans have already changed ane he went with the Stidhams instead of the Wilsons. I hope your travels in Europe are as interesting as his have been.

Christopher Durante

January 30th

Hi Kevin,

I just wanted to let you know that Sam is traveling today to Philadelphia to be with the Wilsons, Anne Marie and Tony, and the rest of the Knoll family. He has had quite a time in Bryn Athyn. First he toured the Glencairn Museum, which was formerly the Pitcairn family home. He was quite taken with the Celtic designs in the entrance to the Great Hall which were copied from the famous Irish Book of Kells. When he heard that the reason was that the Pitcairn’s were Scottish, he said “well I guess that’s close enough.”

Before leaving today, he went with Christine to see the Bryn Athyn Cathedral which was built by Raymond Pitcairn in the early 1900’s in the old world style of architecture. Sam was quite impressed with the stained glass windows and felt quite holy after spending so much time inside the church. He said he rather needed that burst of “holiness” in his wayward life.

You will be hearing from other family members as Sam makes his way back to you. No worries though; Sam is doing quite well!

Lots of love,
Aunt Anne