Gnomes on the Roam

Phil's trip:

October 08

1) Phil the sports gnome hijacked his way home with us on saturday night after a bonfire party we attend at bristol yacht club on the Delaware river in edgley PA
Sunday morning we mode plans for the day and phil was excited as the kid, jumping up and down, as we planned phil's first boat ride to the infamous sandbar located in bordentown on the Delaware river. On the Sandbar we listened to the eagles and the Philles, but it was a 50/50 day with an Eagles loss to the redskins, but the phillies won yet another game on the way to the hopeful world series win! Phil was sad for the eagle's loss,but quickly pepped up when the phillies won.
We learned Phil really likes boating, so we decided that my brother Keith should be Phil next destination, so that Phil can continue his boating experience on the Pacific Ocean. Somewhere we have not beet yet and we're going to be jealous of Phil.
So good luck Phil! Travel well!
Hope to hear from you...

Brian Morrison and family.
Bensalem, PA

2) Phil arrived via a first class flight from Philadelphia, first class USPS that is, just as I was on my way out the door to go sailing. Phil told me of his wonderful time on the Delaware river boating and he looked a little anxious when I informed him we'd be heading out into open ocean. Phil had never seen an ocean before We headed out that afternoon for a three hour tour on a 32' Ericson sailboat into the blue. Shortly after we passed the break wall to the inlet, it became obvious that Phil was more of a bay sailer. As the boat plunged through 12 seas and the wind unhampered by Point Loma cranked up to 15 knots, He turned a bit pale and went quite on us. Being the adventurous type, he still took the opportunity to go to the fordeck at sea. That's when it happened. As Phil was standing on the cabin top, the boat took a big, twenty knot puff of air. The boat went rail down and so did Phil. Almost a tragic overboard situation, Phil clung to the toe rail and lifelines. Looking forward, I could see he had landed on his head and was missing a little bit of hat. After easing the sails, Phil returned to the cockpit and spent the rest of the sail nestled in a sailbag with a cold Tecate. (kept cold by a Welcraft coozie ) He claimed it didn't hurt, but the look on his face said otherwise.

I'm dropping Phil off with my good friend Mike Gentile. Mike never misses an Eagles game, so I'm sure Phil will have a good time watching the game with this crew...

Keith Morrison
Pacific Beach, CA

December 4th

December 12th


I recieved Phil the other day from Mike Gentile in Pacific Beach, San Diego.
Phil told me he wanted to do something that he most-likely would not get to do back east. I thought about it for a while and decided that he might enjoy going to my work. I know, doesn't sound too fun, until you realize that I work for Quiksilver Inc, the surf company. It was a good day for Phil to visit, we just missed Bob McKnight, the CEO but Phil got to meet Omar Hassan. If you do not know Omar, he is one of our top Pro Skaters. The guy is amazing on a board. Phil and Omar posed for a picture. Phil also got to see some other Pro's skate, you will see a picture of Bucky Lasek riding the ramp. We also just missed Tony Hawk by a few minutes. Phil was bummed, but cheered up quickly when the Roxy Mobile home pulled up! He got a nice little ride in both the Quiksilver and Roxy Mobile homes as you can see.

Phil also got to watch the Eagles Stomp the Giants on Sunday!!
Over all it was a long fun day. Phil is ready to move on and will be on his way in the morning.

January 6th

Hey man,

Phil is now on his way to Louisiana, but on his way there from California he cleared his head up in Eldora, Colorado. Journal entry in the notebook, but here are a few pics of him contemplating his inner-space and how it relates to his outer-space.

Take care and be well.

February 18 2009

So Phil's had a little extended stay down here in Southwest Louisiana in Lafayette, LA. He arrived at my home right after the Eagles' smashing og the Giants in route to the NFC Championship game. So I was very excited to have Phil watch the Eagles kick the crap out of the Cardinals with me and my wife, Carmen. The plan from there was to get him back over to Jersey to enjoy the Phanatical euphoria leading up to the Super Bowl. Anyway, we know how that ended!

Finally, after a week of depression, I pulled myself out of it and decided I was gonna hold onto Phil for a few weeks and treat him to a very special trip... to the Pro Bowl!... In Hawaii!!

Phil got to spend a whole week in Hawaii. The first four days were spent lounging at the pool of the Hilton Hawaiian Village with a boatload of NFL players. He got to meet a couple players including N.D. Kalu (former Eagle) of the Texans, Tom Zibikowski of the Ravens, Brian Calhoun of the Detroit Lions, Andre Reed formerly of Buffalo Bills, and Hall of Fame inductee Bruce Smith. He then got to enjoy the Pro Bowl from our great seats 8 rows up in the corner of the south end zone. He got to show off in some cool pics during the game and at halftime. He capped his vacation off with a day trip around the entire island and got to see sights including Duke's surf club, waikiki beach, Surfers at the famous North Shore spots: Sunset Beach, Pipeline, and Haleiwa Beach Park. Check out the cool pic of him chillin' at Kailua beach as well!

Phil's also gotten to enjoy some of the pre Mardi Gras fever here in Lafayette or "Acadiana" as they call it. But it's time to end the party and send him on his way before the true Mardi Gras festivities begin next weekend in New Orleans.

-Joe Cusella