Gnomes on the Roam

Jack's trip:


Jack flew in from PA via the US postal system. I was unfortunately not home at the time and poor jack spent a week on the rack at the local post office. Upon retrieving him from his postal hell, I did what is S.O.P. for all first time visitors to San Diego... Go to the beach. Jack said he didn't like sand that much, so we went to coastal area with a rock reef. Jack had fun with the surfers out in the surf, trying to pinch there heads from the beach as they we're up and riding. I told jack of the days when the surf at this spot was 20'+ on face and how crazy it can get out there. Jack said he would want no part of that.
After a fun surf session, we wandered back into Pacific Beach and chilled at the pier. Jack noticed a bunch of people wandering around with white cups and inquired about them. I told him about how it was one of two things, people concealing their alcoholic beverage, as they just banned drinking of the beach here, or coffee. Jack said he'd never had coffee, so we went and got a cup of Joe. I'm not sure if it was a good idea. Jack now LOVES coffee. He's usually pretty funny, but with a few cups of caffeine... look out! He was stopping girls along the beach, telling them jokes and having a great time! He learned about coffee presses and how to grind beans properly.. Totally into coffee... He's a few pics, first one is at the coast and the other is Jack brewing and enjoying some of that coffee he loves...
After a week it because obvious to me where Jack was headed.. Although not actually headed East, I figured it'd be okay. San Francisco would be Jack's next stop. To visit a fellow coffee lover Jenny.. :-)